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From Design to PPC,User Research to Sprints.

We've got a plan for you.

How does journey with us looks like

Formulating the Task
Setting the project priorities.
Finalizing the timelines and pricing
Business proposal
Agreeing on the volume of the project work, terms, and pricing. Signing the contract.
Working Process
Working in accordance with the terms and conditions
Presentation of the Results
Presenting the results and providing clarification on the implemented solutions. Answering questions.
Transfer of the Files
Transfer of the project source data and signing acts.

Speak directly to your team

We don't outsource any of the work we do for you, especially your proposal. Before you sign, you will speak directly to the experts who will work with you.

Get a personalized pricing plan

One size certainly doesn't fit all. Linear creates a personalized pricing plan to match your business needs, and the value we can generate for you.

Our insights are yours to keep

Whether you choose to sign with us or not, all the information in the reports and audits we create for your company are yours to keep and use.

How long does it take to get a proposal?

We can have your free proposal ready in just a few hours. We’ll gather information about your business and research your competitors then get back to you.

What information do you need from me?

As much as you can give us. The more information we have the more helpful and accurate our recommendations are

What does the proposal look like?

Your proposal will show you exactly what we’ll do for you and how much it will cost. All proposals are sent to your email as a link and can be downloaded as a PDF. 

So you do all of this for free?

Yes, your proposal is 100% free of charge. We also won’t sell you anything unless we know it will help you hit your goals. That’s just how we roll!


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