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How to write Friendly Posts?

SEO might sound like something so hard to reach stuff, but believe me, it’s not. SEO can help your post a lot and get better ranking. As we all know SEO is Search Engine Optimization, before jumping deep, let’s look at the last word and that’s “Optimization” when we along with the dictionary then it says “effective use of or make the best use”; thus SEO is all about making the best use of Search Engine. The very best thing about SEO is that it increases visibility and improves reach to the audience. In short, SEO improves the marketing of your content. So if you are looking for “how to write SEO friendly posts”, then you have landed the perfect place. 

SEO is a method of developing the quantity, quality, and excellence of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. We have listed the five ways below:


Your post must be directly tied with the topic you are up with and must keep a good grasp over the main theme. Your keywords should be very particular and relatable. While playing with keywords you should concentrate more on what searches often use because this influences the most. 

You must also take care of the competition rate of the keyword that you have used as using the ones you can’t fight would result in nothing, so it’s always encouraged to be good while researching your content.


Before you start with your posts, you first have to have a proper mindset that will come after proper research as it provides you with proper information and data on what can be useful and what can’t.

Research provides you with what keywords you have to focus on and target, what type of content and article can result good, what can be the best-suited length for the specific topic, helps in getting an idea and analysis of content that’s already available online.Research always helps you get a proper mindset.


For any post, you don’t have to include randomly just anything! Every step has to contain some vision and should make sense to the readers because at the end the audience pulling and the crowd is the main motive (that’s why you are here reading this content).

 A clear mindset and brain map helps to define your content flow and clarity. All that you need is a mindset that would help direct the path in a structured manner. Anything that’s presented well and is structured in a manner creates a good impression.


You have to be good with how you use the heading as the word defines, it simply heads the reader in a specific direction. Make sure you don’t blur the motive with the heading that you are using. A post can always contain several heading to be more precise the first heading that’s your main heading followed by subheadings. 

Be sure you follow a hierarchical manner for headings. Take care of the words you are using for the heading as we all know that for anything first impression is the most countable and crucial and yes headings are the first impression to your content.


When you are all set with your content/post do not just blindly publish it, preferably if you can get some reviews from some readers and get how it is impacting them then it can be of great help. Getting to know your post tastes is the most useful thing you can consider before posting.

Always prefer getting some readers and their views before the final launch. You should make sure that your reader is walking the same path as you want to direct them along with how much they like it after reading it.

We have now brightened up the ways to write SEO friendly posts. It’s time to make your content worthy and easy to reach the audience. Always remember SEO is a tool that can be used in much more than we have mentioned because every post has got its own taste.

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