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SEO and SEM, these two terms might be sounding alike, but in actual these are two separate marketing channels that you can be used in your business strategy for achieving objectives on your preferable search engines. So let’s move forward by defining these terminologies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that gets traffics on your website by looking at the quality and quantity of your website or your webpage, moreover, rank them on the Google search engine. Now, who does the SEO job? 

An SEO consultant is hired from getting this work done. He is someone who executes an organic method approach to appear in search results. By looking at the webpage he plans, implements, and optimizes it to achieve a high ranking on major search engines. Although his prior work is to rank your business over the network, but additionally responsible for content strategy planning, keyword strategy, web marketing, web analytics, and creating link building too. Apart from this, they provide expert advice, actionable task, guidance, and recommendations to business owners seeking to earn a lot.

They are different channels with different optimization strategies, yet they have some similarities. While working on your website, giving you higher rankings, both these methods improve your site visibility and target your keywords.

SEO and SEM both encourage the user to click on your site for driving a higher amount of quality traffic to your business website.

Now moving on to SEM, Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is a paid technique for gaining visibility onto the search engine result pages to get traffic from organic search results. It is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

Job responsibilities of both SEO and SEM work hand in hand. If you are curious to know how online marketing works, here are some of the top SEO and SEM strategies reaching your business a high position over the search engine.

After setting your business goals, the next thing is to implement them, by building an informative, high-quality website, which will provide relative content to your customers attracting them, providing you with high traffics over the web as well. Although it’s a great technique for grasping user’s attention but building a website is considered a business reputation for your organization.

Keywords are the words that users search while surfing on the search engine. For getting traffics on your site keyword plays a major role as it is crucial at the time of ranking your site. By identifying these keywords search engine provides the result by giving web links on their result pages same as google does while responding to their users.

CTR or better to say click-through rate indicates how many users have clicked your website link. This provides you the facility to measures the percentage of subsequent clicks on the link. Such a strategy is used to measure the success rate of an online advertising campaign as well as the effectiveness of email campaigns. The higher the number of clicks, the higher will be the CTR of your site.

Having links within your content helps your business in getting high leads on the search engine. Providing both internal and external links on your site reshapes high-quality content on your web sheets, generating web authority and improving search engine results. However, make sure that these links are not broken resulting in weakening your position on the search engine. Linking your site with other sites also improves your rankings over the search engine.

Before choosing the optimistic strategy amongst the two, it’s better to know your goal well, keep a check on your existing performance, your business visibility on the search engine, as well considering your long-term survival plans and customer values which comes up with strong issues while deciding your search strategy.


Most businesses face the same problem while deciding their search strategy, but the best is to integrate both SEO and SEM and use it as one, for their business organization. These two powerful channels will drive more leads, increase the number of your potential customers, as well grow your business on the search engines. This can be complicated, but it’s pretty easy to use them as a search engine strategy. 


In addition to this, you have to keep an eye on your competitors too, seeing their working strategy, how their business is getting the top position, which type of research they are favoring, tracking CTR, with whom they are sharing their backlinks, and so on. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on all the factors for winning a competitive advantage.

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