When To Optimize Image Alt Text For SEO?

When you dig deep into this online world and specifically into SEO (Search Engine Optimization), at one or the other point of time you get to understand that how images play a vital role into how your page looks and most importantly it’s one of the important factors (also depends upon your topic). Think of a situation when you have show your work to several people, the very first thing that you come across is, you got to serve some reason through your content to increase their stay. 

We must note that no matter how awesome your work is, if it can’t grab the attention of the audience then no matter how best it is, it might not get the value. In the same manner, online stuff works because we all know that for one simple topic there are tons of material available. To make your place there, you must give a reason and stand perfectly with your content, to improve your growth over the internet.

Already said earlier, images play an important role. But it’s not about how attractive image you choose to display over your content but the alt text over your image also matters a lot. This is something that’s not visible to the reader but yes visible to google. 

Alt text means alternative text and is found in the codes of your webpage. What they exactly do is, they describe the image on the webpage. 

It’s not always that you use the image for your page but whenever you do, you should optimize your alt text. There are huge benefits for using alt texts for your image as it increases the relevance of your page and helps the engine to identify more precisely; it helps in improving your rank over Google Images; one of the major factors is, it increases the accessibility to your page because when you use alt text it increases the relevance and when it is more relevant it automatically increases the access to the users as the data stored over the internet about your page is more precise because you are very accurate with your content. 

When it comes to the question then when should you start doing this! The answer is quite variable as every factor differs from the situation but the best of all is start using it as soon as you know what it is. We all know about the competition over content then why serve any loopholes to the competitors. 

The very first thing you should keep in mind is, if your page is more about visual content and image is the heart of your page then it’s seriously recommended to start optimizing your alt text. Not by including a complete thesis of the image and topic! But yes, it should be short and precise and is completely related to your topic. When you have to make it unique you have got to take care of everything and all the corners should serve a reason about the topic you are up to. 

You always have to keep in mind that you need to work more on your content and should use every feature that’s available while creating content because if something’s made usable then it surely is of some use. No matter if it’s backend or the frontend.

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